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About Us

The financial services practice that would eventually become known as Broadstone Advisors was launched in 1995 by founder and financial advisor, Todd McDonald, CFBS. Todd, had a strong natural network in the construction industry due to his personal experience as an entrepreneur. He appreciated the work ethic and down-to-earthness of the people in this field, and imagined he would enjoy working with them.

In addition, many construction businesses are closely-held family-owned businesses with a unique set of financial planning and business succession needs which Todd felt we could serve. So, when our practice was launched, we decided to focus our efforts on the needs of the construction industry. The name ”Broadstone” was chosen to connote the strength and durability of the work that our clients do in building roads, bridges, buildings, and so much more. Our hope is that through our services, Broadstone Advisors can also build strong and durable financial building blocks that can help bring stability to the lives of our clients.

Meet our team:

Todd McDonald
Kyle Sumple
Kristina Hayden
Robin Ford