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Helping Multi-Generational Families

We combine our insider’s understanding of the construction industry with our experience helping family-owned and closely-held businesses with business succession, employee retention, and estate tax minimization.

We strive to help our clients define and achieve the independence they seek in their lives. To that end, we bring not only experience, but also sincere and heartfelt care for the wellbeing of our clients.

Founded by Todd J. McDonald, Certified Family Business Specialist, and supported by a dedicated team, Broadstone Advisors LLC represents family-owned and closely-held businesses in the construction industry. Our clients include road and bridge contractors, concrete and asphalt producers, quarry operators, specialty subcontractors such as electrical, HVAC, and mechanical contractors, as well as residential and commercial real estate developers.

We advise our clients on estate planning and business succession strategies, key person retention, tax reduction strategies, investments, retirement planning, insurance products and solutions, as well the specific challenges faced by construction-related businesses.

At the Intersection of Construction and Business Succession

“A solid succession plan helped us save our business when my husband George passed away, and allowed us to continue to employ our 70 employees. Without the insurance that Todd helped us put into place, this simply would not have been possible.”

Karen & Jason Smith
Troy Belting & Supply Co.
Watervliet, NY